Paying back housing benefits overpayments

If you have been paid too much benefit, we will look at the circumstances and decide if it is recoverable.

If your Housing Benefit is paid to your landlord on your behalf, the council may decide to recover the overpaid benefit from your landlord.

Alternatively, we may decide that you are responsible for repayment.

If you are still in receipt of Housing Benefit, the council will make a deduction from your weekly entitlement.

If you are no longer getting Housing Benefit you will be sent an invoice. You can make a repayment online:

Make a repayment online

You can also arrange to make repayments by setting up a Direct Debit. To arrange a Direct Debit download and complete our form:

Arrange a Direct Debit

If you do not repay the money, we may ask the Department for Work and Pensions to make deductions from a benefit that they pay you or ask your employer to make a deduction from your wages.