Angus Council conditions of service: teachers, music instructors and other education professionals

Excludes educational psychologists.

Supplementary information to the key terms and conditions of service referred to in your Statement of Employment Particulars is provided here with full details available from your head teacher or line manager or on the Employee Matters area of the council intranet site, access will be given when you start employment. Full national terms and conditions are available at Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers.


Smoking at work policy

The council continues to create and support a working environment which is both safe and healthy, hence, smoking is prohibited in all parts of council premises and associated grounds and environs, including entrances and doorways. Vaping may be permitted within the council grounds, with manager approval, as part of an individual’s attempt to manage their nicotine addiction. Vaping is not permitted within any workplace building. Smoking and vaping are prohibited in all council owned vehicles.

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