Forfar Community Campus

About the campus


The community campus accommodates Forfar Academy, Angus Alive and the council's communities team, along with Dundee and Angus College and the wider community.

During the early stages of the project, we worked with all potential users of the campus to develop a a vision for the facility.

This vision still drives the development and all users – both staff and members of the public – have a role to play in ensuring that this vision is realised.

All groups have, and are being involved, in the delivery of the project and will be involved in its operation.

An ethos group has been established for the campus, consisting of staff from schools, communities, Angus Alive and community representatives. This group supported users with the transition to the campus, and will continue to consult with users and address issues around access and inclusion.


There are specific areas in the campus for use by community groups and for sports activities. The majority of areas are available if required and can be timetabled to suit the building users.

The level of access to the community will vary with the school year, with more facilities available outwith school terms and hours.

There are separate school and community café facilities. The community café is open throughout the year.

Wifi is available throughout the campus for all staff. Arrangements can be made for visitors.

Safety and security

We ensure the security and health and safety of people and property on the new campus through existing arrangements augmented by CCTV and staff vigilance.

Existing child protection guidance and procedures are followed.

There are  secure areas/lockers/storage for property, but individuals and groups are expected to carry out their own checks.

The building has been designed to run various activities at the same time, and members of the public are in the building during the school day to use leisure, sport and community facilities.

The sharing of accommodation by different age groups has positive benefits for the community. It creates opportunities for people of all ages to spend time together and share skills and experiences. This philosophy underpins the campus vision.

There is a staffed reception at the building. Users may have to sign in depending on the purpose of the visit.

You do not have to sign in or wear an ID badge if you are using the café or sports facilities. Council staff and others working on the campus will have visible ID.

Transport and parking

There is a regular bus service during the campus opening hours. 

The campus has cycle storage.

You can also walk to the site using the Angus Core Path network.

There is free car parking.

The school

The unique and individual identity of Forfar Academy will remain and be enhanced by the new campus.

New spacious teaching areas provide first class accommodation for pupils and teachers.

Timetabling provides sufficient information/spaces for all teaching staff and here are separate staff bases.

Secure storage is provided throughout the campus for school staff and pupils.

A learning resource centre is available to the public. This is not a lending library. Those wishing to borrow books will continue to use Forfar Library.

During school hours there is restricted access to teaching areas. These areas will be available for other uses outwith school hours.

Some of the school resources, such as projectors, are available for general campus use.

Pupils, community groups and the public have access to the pool and gym throughout the day.

Education lets will continue.

The design of the campus provides new opportunities for pupils including increased access to digital technology, and increased opportunities for vocational learning.

Programmes and timetables

Community learning programmes

There is a programme of community learning activities available.

These will be kept under review to ensure they meet community needs, but will include:

  • employability programmes
  • adult literacies programmes
  • English for (adult) speakers of other languages
  • youth activities

Leisure and sports activities

Leisure and sports activities are delivered by ANGUSalive.

School clubs

School clubs continue at the new campus.

Timetables and bookings

Timetables for the campus will be developed to suit all groups and users and to balance the needs of the school and the community.

Booking procedures will ensure there is sufficient availability of the areas for combined use.