Angus Council Annual Performance Report 2020-21

Published on Friday 10 September 2021

Angus Council’s Annual Performance Report 2020-21 captures the hard work and commitment of staff in delivering a highly effective service to the people of Angus while responding to the challenges of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The Report, which was presented to elected members at the meeting of Full Council on Thursday (9 Sep), provides an insight to an agile workforce that adapted quickly to new working practices, determined to provide continuity and high standards of services, while identifying and responding to the new and emerging challenges faced by Angus citizens.

Council Leader David Fairweather said: “I have nothing but pride in and admiration for the staff of this Council for the way in which they have confronted the difficulties and new tasks set by the COVID-19. ‘Unprecedented’ remains a well-used but wholly appropriate word to describe an intense period of time during which Angus Council has reacted, responded and strategically charted its way through this life-changing pandemic.

“Of course, Angus Council could not act in isolation. We all owe a debt of gratitude to our many partners who have risen with us to the challenge. New links have been forged and well-established partnerships strengthened.

“This year more than ever, we have seen the value of the work done in and by our communities and the lasting benefit of close collaboration with partners. Collectively we can and do overcome challenges and remain focused on meeting the needs of the people of Angus.

“COVID-19 has seeped into every corner of everyday life, but has not redefined the overall values of Angus Council – collectively we continue to work with each other and our citizens in collaboration, with respect, fairness, integrity and with a focus on people.”

Angus Council seeks to improve the outcomes and opportunities for Angus people. While this report carries informative statistics and data, life is breathed into it through the case studies that illustrate the impact the Council has had on people’s lives across Angus.

They highlight that opportunities will present themselves when people share a common goal and come together to make that happen - whether they be from across the council, partners such as VAA or community groups. Please take the time to read these stories and reflect on the good work that was achieved, despite all the difficulties caused by COVID-19 and share our optimism for a strong recovery based on our enhanced understanding and experience of partnership and collaboration.

The Council's Chief Executive Margo Williamson said: “Much of the council’s work was focused on providing support to the people of Angus throughout the pandemic. This necessitated a radical refocusing of priorities and performance.

“We concentrated our activities towards keeping the people of Angus safe and well, while continuing to deliver our priority services. This was often achieved by using innovative approaches, tools and techniques to meet the existing and emerging new needs arising from the pandemic.

“None of the data in this report can truly capture the energy, passion or purpose with which the council tackled the challenges of the pandemic. Our staff have shown immense creativity, diligence and resilience, and we highly commend them all.”

The Angus Council Annual Performance Report 2020-21 is available on our website.