Angus Council to launch Safe Parking at Schools campaign

Angus Council has been awarded funds through Smarter Choices Smarter Places for delivery of an active travel programme over the financial year 2019/20. Smarter Choices Smarter Places is a Paths for All programme funded by Transport Scotland.

A number of campaigns and projects targeted at local commuters, residents, students and pupils, as well as visitors, are being delivered throughout the year to encourage a change in travel behaviour.

One of the projects to be delivered is a campaign to help reduce road safety risks and local traffic congestion caused by parents or carers driving primary school children to school and parking too close to the school gates. 

The ‘Safe Parking at Schools, Park Smarter’ campaign will launch on the 27 November, supported by four nominated primary schools. The campaign will have a particular focus on encouraging an increase in walking and cycling by pupils, parents and carers and promoting a reduction in traffic speed, congestion and pollution around the school gates. The aim of the campaign is to encourage the pupils to become champions of active and sustainable travel, as well as safer parking. 

The campaign will be delivered at Warddykes, Maisondieu, Ferryden and Letham primary schools.