Angus Dragons launch a BIG fund

Published on Monday 16 November 2021

We're making a BIG Fund available to local businesses seeking to innovate, diversify and future proof the work they do as they chart their way through and out of the pandemic.

The £600,000 Business Improvement Grant forms a key element of the support that the Council is providing to businesses in Angus.

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From today, Monday 15 November, local businesses are invited to apply for funding to help them meet specific plans they have to innovate or diversify. This could be by introducing new products or services, improving current systems they operate or ambitions they have to target new customers.

Council Leader, Cllr David Fairweather said: “It is our hope and intention that these valuable cash injections can assist our local business people to grow and flourish as we escape the clutches of the most challenging of times.

“We hope the money can help secure growth and opportunity through innovation and modern business approaches; protect and create jobs, encourage fresh ideas and enhance our local economy.

“We have secured agreement from Scottish Government to use our unallocated discretionary funding in order to support Angus businesses. I am certain it will be money well spent in supporting new approaches and impetus in Angus.”

The scheme is open to applications for three weeks, closing at 9am on Monday 6 December, after which submissions will be assessed.

Examples of innovation and diversifying business could include (but not be restricted to) - introducing an online selling function; buying new equipment in support of new product manufacture; working with other companies or independently to bid for tenders/contracts; marketing and promotion of new services or products, or targeting new customers.

One-off grant payments of £2000, £5000, £8000 or £15,000 are available.

There will also be a total of twelve £25,000 one-off grants available through a Dragon’s Den-style pitching event before a panel of Angus business leaders.

To qualify for this funding amount, submissions will have to demonstrate they are particularly innovative and that they have an excellent chance of achieving significant economic impact. These businesses will also have the opportunity and benefit of one-to-one business mentoring.

Please go to our website to read the full guidance and apply for the grant.