Angus tops the recycling league table

Friday 10th December, 2021


Angus Council has topped the recycling league table for 2020 by becoming the number one recycling local authority in Scotland, in figures released by SEPA.

Of the 52,166 tonnes of household waste generated in Angus, 30,226 tonnes were recycled, a massive 57.9%.

In addition to kerbside recycling, Angus Council accepts materials for recycling at seven recycling centres and 23 neighbourhood recycling points across Angus. The items collected via the household bulky uplift service are also separated for recycling as much as possible.

During 2020 we collected a massive 21,325 tonnes of recycling via our kerbside collections of mixed recycling, food waste and garden waste. We also collected 8,901 tonnes of materials, such as cardboard, textiles and electrical items, for recycling at our recycling centres.

The recycling figures for 2020 follow on from Angus Council winning the Local Authority Success award at the 2020 National Recycling Awards for our redesign of recycling centres in Angus and the positive impact on recycling rates this made.

There have been further initiatives delivered by Angus Council’s waste team during 2021 to build upon the recycling success. In April 2021, council funding was given for the Special Waste Action Team, a dedicated resource to tackle fly-tipping and littering and to manage the special bulky uplift service.

Earlier in the year, the Community Clean Up and Fly-tipping Prevention Fund was launched which funds community groups and individuals to help to clean up their area. So far 17 applications have been funded for items such as litter pickers, trail cameras and handi-carts.

Convenor of Communities Councillor Mark Salmond said, “We are absolutely delighted that the hard work of our teams and our communities to ensure that recycling is a priority, has paid off.

“Throughout 2020 we managed to keep our kerbside recycling services running, despite the impact of COVID-19, and we were able to bring our recycling centres back online with a full range of recycling quickly after the lockdown period.

“I would thank our communities for being the best recyclers in Scotland. 2020 was a very challenging year for everyone due to the impact of COVID-19, however during this period the people of Angus continued to make the effort to separate their waste and make best use of our recycling services” 

“We’ve also had a fantastic 2021 with a whole range of new initiatives being funded to help in the war against waste. 

“We will not however become complacent. We will continue to work with residents of Angus to ensure that the rate of waste recycled increases in line with government targets and our Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan.”

Vice Convenor of Communities Councillor Tommy Stewart said, “A massive thanks needs to go out to the residents of Angus who have helped us to become the top performing council for recycling in Scotland.

“However, one area we know we know we can do better is recycling of food waste. A third of what we collect in purple general waste bins is food. Food waste is collected from residents in villages and towns across Angus – if you need a caddy, you can order on the Angus Council website. Food waste is also accepted at recycling centres.”

Full details on Angus recycling centres including opening times are available on our website, along with information on how to get the Right stuff in the Right bin and bin collection days.