Brechin rural schools consultation extension

Published on Friday 13 April 2018

Angus Council extends the Brechin rural schools consultation period.

Angus Council spokesperson said: “Due to an omission in the narrative explaining our financial figures, we will be extending the consultation period to give the public time to consider the additional information.

“As our proposal is based on providing the best quality learning environments for all of our children and young people, and not on financial considerations, we have determined that this omission is not a material consideration.

“To give people the opportunity to consider this additional information we are extending the consultation period to 5.00pm on Friday 11 May 2018.”

Formal consultations on proposals in the Brechin cluster were approved by Angus Council Children and Learning Committee (report 68/18) on Tuesday 20 February.  

The formal consultations, under the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010, are on the proposal to:

All of the information, including the council’s 10 reasons for change, and consultation questionnaire is also available on our Angus Schools for the Future pages.