Car parking meters vandalised in Brechin

Published on Monday 3 December 2018

Car parking meters within off-street car parks in Brechin have been damaged by fire.

Vandalism to meters at Brechin’s City Road South and City Road West car parks was reported to the council and to Police Scotland. It’s understood they were damaged sometime on Tuesday and Wednesday (27 and 28 November).

Further vandalism to two machines at Church Street and Maisondieu Lane East car parks in Brechin have now been reported to the council and police today. All four machines are currently covered and out of use as a result of the vandalism.

The damage to the four parking meters runs into thousands of pounds.

Communities Convener, Cllr Mark Salmond said: “There is never any valid excuse for wanton vandalism of this type. Ultimately, it is the taxpayer that has to pick up the cost to repair these machines, which in turn means less money for other vital services

“These are not acts of protest – they are criminal actions plain and simple and ones that achieve nothing other than inconvenience and considerable cost to the public purse. I would urge anyone who has information that could assist police enquiries to get in touch with Police Scotland.”

Anyone who has information that could assist police enquiries into these incidents is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101 or contact the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.