Carers in Partnership – A Strategy for Unpaid Carers in Angus 2019-22

Published on Tuesday 17 September 2019

A draft strategy has been developed in partnership with adult and young carers, carers’ organisations and other stakeholders.

It presents an opportunity to shape how carers in Angus are supported.

Before it is finalised, Angus Health & Social Care Partnership needs feedback to make sure it is easily understood, relevant and that nothing important has been overlooked.

So, if you look after someone who has a long-term condition or disability, is frail due to their age, or needs support because of a dependency on alcohol or drugs, AHSCP wants to hear from you.

Similarly, AHSCP would appreciated feedback from anyone who has contact with unpaid carers through work, or who has an interest in supporting carers in Angus.

The Carer Strategy sits alongside an Improvement Plan which will be AHSCP’s work plan. These documents set out what the Partnership wants to accomplish over the next three years, how plans to achieve their objectives and the values behind them.

You can access the survey by clicking on this link:

The survey closes on Monday 30 September 2019.