CoastSnap – capturing coastal erosion at Montrose

Published on Tuesday 17 November 2020

According to some estimations, people across the world will take more than 1.4 trillion photographs in 2020.

It’s never been easier to take a pic and we’re looking for your snap-happy help for the remainder of this year and beyond as we study the effects of coastal erosion at Montrose. Working with the Dynamic Coast project and JBA Consulting, our infrastructure team are monitoring the extent and impact of erosion along the North East Angus shoreline and Montrose Bay.


Photos you take in the area with your mobile phone can help the project.

Dedicated CoastSnap posts fitted with a phone cradle, have been installed next to Montrose Golf Course and at St Cyrus (on the Donkey Path at the north end of the Nature Reserve looking back from neighbouring Aberdeenshire into Angus). They are waiting there for you to use.

Look out for the CoastSnap posts (or stations) when you are in the area and join in this innovative community coastal monitoring project by using the smartphone camera cradle and taking a pic.

Please remember that, as with anything that is used by numbers of people such as a shopping trolley or ATM, it’s important to be Covid-aware and ensure you take appropriate hand hygiene measures.

How to use -

  1. Pop your phone into the CoastSnap smartphone cradle
  2. Check that your phone is touching the vertical edge of the of the cradle.
  3. Take your pic

Once taken, email your photo to or upload the image to the CoastSnap Montrose Facebook page, where there is also more information about the project. Please let us know the date and time that the photo was taken.

The Facebook page will be updated regularly with the latest time-lapse videos and measurements of beach change from the database of community contributions.

For more information about the Dynamic Coast Project go to