Coin-operated parking meters now in use

Published on Monday 7 October 2019

Coin operated parking meters are now available for use at 14 of our off-street car parks in Angus.

The solar-powered machines are being introduced in response to public demand and will be at the following car parks –

Arbroath - Ladybridge St; Millgate – North Grimsby; West Abbey Street; Shore.

Brechin – Church Street; Maisondieu Lane West.

Carnoustie – High Street, Links Avenue.

Forfar – Myre; East Greens.

Kirriemuir – Bellies Brae; Reform Street.

Montrose – Baltic Street; Murray Lane.

Where they have been installed takes account of cost, location, whether the car park is short or long stay and how frequently it is used, as well as how close it is to the high street and any impact on tourism.

As with the cashless payment option, the charge is just £1 an hour up to a maximum of £4 at both long and short stay car parks.

Among the almost 2000 people who responded to our survey on parking options, two-thirds said they would use our car parks more frequently if coin-operated meters were available. 75% favoured their introduction.

Communities Convener, Cllr Mark Salmond, said the installation of more meters did mean additional expense, but that it was right to expand the range of payment options and make paying to park easier for drivers who are unable or unwilling to use the cashless-option.

He said: “It has always been our intention to make paying to park in Angus easy and affordable – a system that works for everyone who lives and works in Angus and the many people who visit our towns and villages.

“Digital transactions and contactless payments are increasingly a part of everyday life, but we accept it is not yet part of everyone’s daily routine. That is why we have listened and added to the range of payment options for parking in Angus by installing coin-operated meters.”

In addition to the newly-installed coin-operated meters, drivers also have the following options.

Cashless payment at all of our 33 off-street car parks. Drivers do not need to key in their registration numbers to any of our parking meters (coin or cashless).

Parking permits – A parking permit is transferable among up to three vehicles and allows for parking in any Angus car park. They offer parking at an equivalent of 85 pence per day, based on six days a week parking.

See the parking permits section of our website for more information.

Exemptions in our off-street car parks - Blue Badge holders and motorcycles are free to park. Electric vehicles are free to park only while charging. If not charging, then a parking payment must be made.

Our website has more information about Disabled Parking in Angus.

On-street parking – 30 minutes free on-street parking is available in all of our Burgh towns within established local traffic regulations.