Council approves update on consultation for Brechin rural schools

Published on Thursday 10 May 2018

At today’s Angus Council meeting (Thursday 10 May) Members agreed to stop consulting on the proposals to close Stracathro Primary School.

The updated report (155/18) recommended continuing the consultation on the proposed closure of Lethnot and Tarfside Schools, and the adjustment to the catchment area for Edzell Primary School.

Members also heard feedback from the community on all of the proposals and the council’s commitment to actively engage with stakeholders and respond to their views with openness and transparency.

Speaking after the meeting, council leader Bob Myles said: “Having listened carefully to the feedback and comments received, particularly in relation to parents and carers of children presently attending the schools, we have agreed to stop the current formal consultation on the closure of Stracathro Primary School and its early learning and childcare provision and bring forward a consultation report to a future committee.

“I am also happy to say that this council will not review Stracathro for the length of this council administration,  providing certainty for parents and pupils. I hope this can help parents and pupils plan their futures.

“I would also like to extend my thanks to parents, council officers, and everyone involved in this process.  It is clear to see their commitment to carry out this process in an open and transparent way.”

The consultation is part of Angus Council’s ambitious plans for the Angus Schools for the Future programme.

The programme sets out projects for the short, medium and long term. Schools have been ranked, in accordance with the principles agreed by the council in September 2017, and a series of projects have been prioritised for the period 2018-47.