Council Tax email scam alert

Published on Thursday 14 February 2019

Please be aware of emails in circulation that refer to the Council Tax and claim to be from Angus Council.

While not new or exclusive to this area, they are a scam and have attachments which opened could infect the recipients computer with a virus and this could lead to identity theft.

We do not send out emails of this kind.

Mark Hodgkinson (Adult Protection and Review Officer) said: “We would warn everyone to be alert to scam e-mails that appear to have come from Angus Council. These can either appear to promise a Council Tax rebate, or threaten legal action as a result of a council tax non-payment. Angus Council will never send such emails out to Angus citizens and we would strongly suggest that any such emails be deleted by anyone receiving them.”

Angus Financial Abuse Support Team (FAST) has been responding to referrals from the public about people who have either been scammed or believed to be at risk of financial harm for the last five years. In that time a range of measures and supports have been put into place to assist Angus residents including free installation of sophisticated call monitoring and blocking devices.  A report late last year showed that the savings so far from installation of these devices are as much as £1.5 million.

Mark said: "The Partnership between police, Angus Council Trading Standards and the Angus Health and  Social Care Partnership has already received hundreds of referrals of people who have either been the victims of scams or may be at risk. We are pleased to have had such a significant impact and saved vulnerable residents so much money. Anyone concerned that they may be suffering from high volume of scam or nuisance phone calls, scam e-mails or scam letters should ring and make a FAST referral to Angus Access line of 03457 777 778. We can assist and will respond.”