Council Tax Payment Difficulties

Published on Monday 11 January 2021

We know that some people’s livelihoods have been affected by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.

If you have any concerns or difficulties about making Council Tax payments as a result of how coronavirus, or any other challenging circumstances, have impacted you, then please contact our Revenue and Benefits team at the earliest opportunity.

By working together, it may be possible to make a change in how you pay your Council Tax.

For example, this could be reducing payments for a time and catching up later, or deferring payment for a short period of time.

Our Revenues and Benefits team are available to advise and assist you in relation to alternative payment arrangements or if you are making an application for Council Tax reduction.

You can submit an payment arrangement application or a Council Tax reduction application via our website.

Don't wait for a reminder or other letter. It may be possible for a payment arrangement to be agreed.

Our Welfare Rights and Benefits team are also available to anyone needing advice in relation to benefits and debt. National restrictions mean that Face-to-Face appointments are not possible, but advice can be provided by telephone or email as required.

Information including contact details are available via our Help with Benefits and/or Debts webpage.