Creating a blueprint for road safety in Angus

Published on Thursday 12 September 2019

A working group aimed at creating a blueprint for road safety in Angus for the next decade has been established.

The Member/Officer Working Group, chaired by Communities Convener, Cllr Mark Salmond has been formed, as agreed by the Communities Committee in May (Report 167/19), to develop a new Road Safety Plan for the county for 2020 to 2030. At its first meeting, the group also pledged to review all associated Council plans, policies and strategies that could help in informing the overarching plan.

A report on the group’s inaugural meeting on 29 August will be given to the Communities Committee, at their forthcoming meeting (24 Sep), and they will be kept updated on the progress of the group and the development of the Road Safety Plan.

Cllr Salmond said: “The new Road Safety Plan will take account of the new national road casualty reduction targets and will identify and prioritise the actions that will help us to achieve those targets up to 2030.

“While road casualty figures in Angus are comparatively small compared to some other parts of the UK, we will not be complacent. The impact of just one casualty on our roads is felt by many people – families, friends and communities.

“Angus is a great place to live work and visit. Working with our partners, including Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and, of course, our communities, we want to ensure that everyone who uses our roads network can do so safely.”

The MOWG comprises of Administration members, Cllr Salmond; and Cllrs Tommy Stewart and Ian McLaren, SNP members, Cllrs Julie Bell and Kenny Braes; and non-aligned member, Cllr Richard Moore; along with council officers.