Emphasis returns to recycling at recycling centres

Published on Wednesday 1 May 2019

Recycling centres in Angus will once again focus on recycling, a week on from the suspension of strike action and a resumption of scheduled waste collections.

General waste skips were removed from centres at Brechin, Carnoustie, Kirriemuir and Monifieth on 4 February this year and replaced by containers for the collection of recyclable materials such as soil, turf and plasterboard.

As a result of industrial action, general waste skips were temporarily returned to the county’s four smaller recycling centres to assist residents who suffered disruption to their regular kerbside collections.

These general waste skips will only be available at Brechin, Carnoustie, Kirriemuir and Monifieth up to and including this Sunday (5 May). They will be removed thereafter.

This is a return to normal service provision aimed at maximising recycling, reducing waste and ensuring that Angus Council can continue to operate all seven of its recycling centres.

Larger centres at Arbroath, Forfar and Montrose will continue to accept general waste. Each of these centres are served by specialist skip compacting equipment and can, therefore, better manage bulkier items of general waste than the smaller centres.

Prior to strike action, the first weeks of the recycling centre re-design saw recycling rates climb from 47% to 58% for our recycling centres, when compared to the same period in 2018. As bin collection services return to normal, a 60% target for recycling at our centres will be well within reach.

Communities Convener Mark Salmond said: “The increase in recycling rates at our centres before the strike emphasised that people support our aims to increase recycling at what are, after all, recycling centres.

“Recycling more and reducing waste means we can make savings. We are confident that the increase in recycling at our centres will achieve planned savings of £250,000 - a key driver in retaining a recycling centre in each of the Angus burghs.”

“Even more importantly, recycling is good for the environment. We see, on an almost daily basis, the effect that discarded waste has on our planet, via the news, documentaries, campaigns and organised protests.

“The retention of all general waste skips would represent a backward step in terms of our goal to recycle more. We want our recycling centres to focus on recycling and not on waste.”

Vice-convener Tommy Stewart, said; “Reducing waste and recycling as much as we possibly can starts at home and is supported by our local recycling centres. We fully appreciate that the recent strike caused some disruption and inconvenience to residents, but things are getting back to normal.

“We are trying to make the most efficient use of our people, equipment and premises through the modernisation of our recycling centres. What we saw after its launch in February, was a strong endorsement by the community in support of reducing waste and maximising recycling. There was a marked drop in residual waste - the type of waste that cannot be recycled, recovered, re-used or composted. At the same time, we saw an increase in recyclable materials, such as soil and turf. That was an indication that people are putting the Right Stuff in the Right Skip at our recycling centres and the Right Stuff in the Right Bin at home.

“As we return to business as usual, I’m sure that we can all reduce, re-use and recycle even more.”

You will find full details on Angus recycling centres including opening times here on our website, as well as useful information on bins and recycling.