Former Lochside Leisure Centre to be demolished

Friday 17 December 2021

Angus Council yesterday (Thursday 15 December 2021) agreed to the demolition of the former Lochside Centre in Forfar, following repeated attempts to secure a sustainable future for the building.

Cllr Fairweather said, “This has been a long and drawn-out process and sadly having explored all possible options, the facts are that no one has come forward to make use of this building.

“The cost of rates and maintenance of this building is significant, as are the demolition costs so we cannot, in good conscience, leave Forfar Common Good burdened with this.”

As no applications for a community asset transfer were made for the building and no groups came forward following the council’s attempt to lease the building, the council formally consulted on proposed demolition of the building and restoration of the area to parkland.

At yesterday’s meeting (15 December 2021), Angus Council considered the responses made in the consultation and noted that no sustainable offer nor community interest has come forward. Therefore, members agreed that it should be demolished, bearing in mind it will become the financial responsibility of the Forfar Common Good.

The Council will now proceed with seeking the consent of the court to go ahead with the demolition, as is required in this case.