Free sanitary products available throughout Angus in a bid to combat period poverty

Published on Wednesday 12 June 2019

Angus Council, along with other partners in the Angus Community Planning Partnership, have identified over 130 sites for the new initiative.

Period poverty is where women are unable to afford basic menstrual hygiene products. Research by Plan International UK has highlighted the scale of period poverty in the UK. It reveals that one in ten girls have been unable to afford sanitary wear and one in seven have struggled to afford sanitary wear. One in ten girls have had to improvise sanitary wear because of the cost.

While universal access to free sanitary products has been in place in schools across Angus since August 2018, this new initiative will now include businesses and public buildings. More properties across the county are likely to also join the initiative in the coming months.

The sanitary products will be available within toilet facilities and will be signposted by posters and stickers. The products, including tampons and pads, are made available in a clear box and women are invited to take as much or as little as they need.

The Angus Community Planning Partnership met up with one of the companies who are offering free products. Hear from Murton Farm in Forfar, as to why they are involved in the initiative.

The initiative is assisted by funding from the Scottish Government, and will also ensure equality is addressed, Angus Council is allocated £24,642 for 2018/19 which includes £10,374 Set-up and Development Funding and £14,267 funding for products. For 2019/20 the total allocation is £57,069.

Use our map to find premises across Angus where you can access free sanitary products.