Future arrangements of Carnoustie Golf Links

Thursday 20 January 2022

Today (20 January 2022) Angus Council unanimously agreed the recommendations contained in the report on the future arrangements of Carnoustie Golf Links Report 9/22 and its associated appendices) at a special council meeting. 

The report recommends that officers engage specialist professional advice to complete due diligence on four of the five options put before Council today. There will be further reports to Council as matters progress including for a final decision.

The four options to be progressed are:

  1. New governance arrangements with external investment which is the current Carnoustie Golf Links Management Company (GLMC) proposals
  2. A new delivery model led and funded by Angus Council
  3. The CGLMC proposals, but on different terms
  4. A shorter-term solution

Angus Council Leader Cllr David Fairweather said. “This is a hugely important matter for Council to consider. Carnoustie Golf Links is a jewel in the Angus crown as it makes a highly significant contribution to the Angus economy and job creation.

“The decisions we take now will have long term consequences for generations to come and therefore we must make the right one.

“We need specialist advice to complete the due diligence necessary to explore all the options to ensure that we obtain the best value for money for the people of Angus, now and in years to come.”

An important part of the process will be public consultation, plans for which will be presented back to Council for agreement.

Angus Council is required to decide on the future of Carnoustie Golf Links as the current 55-year lease of the links, which is owned by Angus Council and operated by CGLMC expires in 2033.