Future of The Gables Residential Care Home

Published on Thursday 24 February 2022

A much anticipated and hoped for redevelopment of The Gables Residential Care Home for Adults will not now take place.

Spiralling costs in the construction industry and associated challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic mean that the project is no longer viable.

The total cost of the proposed development now exceeds £5.7 million compared to the original costs of £3.5 million.

The decision to halt the project was taken at a meeting of the Angus Integration Joint Board on Wednesday 23 February 2022. The IJB agreed that work should now begin to find a suitable alternative for residents at The Gables, with the existing premises not an option as it is outdated and no longer fit for purpose.

A spokesperson for the Angus Health and Social Care Partnership said: “The welfare of our residents is of paramount importance, as any decision we take will have the greatest impact on them. Now this decision has been taken, it is important that we move swiftly to provide them with certainty and the best possible solution for all concerned.

“They will all remain at the centre of any plans going forward. We will have full regards for their needs and views and ensure clear and consistent communication and engagement with them.”

Angus Council officers met with Scottish Government officials to discuss the costs in January 2022. Both partners were of the view that the redevelopment project was no longer viable due to major cost increases. The Care Inspectorate was informed of the situation.

An options appraisal will now be undertaken to identify suitable alternative accommodation for The Gables residents. Residents will be individually considered with regards to their future accommodation choices. But, given the close ties the residents have with one another, there is a preference for the right premises to be found for them to be together in the Forfar area if at all possible.

There is also a preference to retain a highly skilled and valued staff team to provide ongoing care for The Gables residents.

Engagement and consultation will take place with residents, relatives, unpaid carers, staff and stakeholders to allow options to be assessed and developed, with proposal being reported to a future meeting of the Angus IJB.