Garden waste subscription – one month extension

Published on Tuesday 9 July 2019

Please remember that users of our garden waste collection service will be getting a one-month extension to their subscription.

This is being done as a way to compensate any subscribers who were affected by non-collections during the industrial action in April this year.

Our crews will continue to collect your bins for one month after your current subscription sticker expires. For example, if your sticker displays 4 July, your garden waste bin will be emptied up until 4 August on your existing subscription.

Renewal reminders are being sent via email to all 22,000 households that are currently signed up for the garden waste collection service. These will be sent 21 days before your extended subscription ends. If you are a current subscriber and we don't have a record of your email address, we will leave a handbill reminder in your bin when your final collection is due.

Our systems have been updated to include the extension and anyone signing up online will automatically have the renewal date re-adjusted to reflect the additional month.