Giving Hedgehogs a Right to Roam

News release: published Friday 11 May 2018

The Tayside Biodiversity Partnership and ANGUSalive’s Countryside Rangers are joining forces in UK Hedgehog Awareness Week, to try and make life a little easier for our prickly friends.

They were joined by Councillor Lynne Devine at Forfar Loch Country Park for the launch of the Mind the Gap Hedgehog Project.

Tayside Biodiversity Partnership is funding 60 hedgehog highway signs to share with residents in the Turfbeg area, where many houses have gardens backing on to the Country Park. The signs are posted over hedgehog-sized gaps and holes in fences to highlight the importance of a right of way and friendly spaces for hedgehogs. They can travel about a mile every night through parks and gardens in search of food and a mate.

A small number of street signs are also being purchased in support of the campaign, as well as stickers and posters to publicise how everyone can help to make sure hedgehogs are safe in and around their gardens.


Councillor Devine, Hedgehog ‘Champion’ for Angus said: “It’s important to raise awareness about the diversity of wildlife on our doorstep and in our gardens and streets. This project will see neighbours working together to help local wildlife and the more they can encourage hedgehogs to explore, the better chances we have of arresting the steep-decline in this species population numbers.”

The Tayside Biodiversity Partnership is made up of statutory bodies, local authorities, non-government organisations and individuals and has produced a Local Biodiversity Action Plan to ensure that locally and nationally important species and habitats are conserved and enhanced through focused local action. ANGUSalive’s Ranger Service has also been active in protecting the welfare of hedgehogs. Through their Going the Whole Hog Project, they provided schools with a hedgehog hibernation box, as well as talks and information about helping hedgehogs through increased awareness and creating and preserving their habitats.

UK Hedgehog awareness Week is runs to 12 May.