Have your say on cycling and walking improvements in Angus

Friday 11 March 2022

We are consulting on projects to encourage walking and cycling across Angus. What projects should we add to our list of active travel pipeline projects? 

The annual Cycling, Walking, Safer, Routes (CWSR) fund has allowed for a range of projects from feasibility studies to construction and enhancements of new and existing routes.  Those projects that scored well but could not be completed due to a lack of funding have been added to the council’s list of active travel pipeline projects. This list is very much a working document where new suggestions can be added while removing others when new schemes and successful funding bids are made.  The council is looking for ideas to add to this year’s list of potential CWSR projects along with other high scoring potential projects from previous years. 

Angus Council’s active travel pipeline projects


National cycle route-related

  • Montrose - Broomfield Road from Rosehill Road to aerodrome cycle route on NCN1 - Aerodrome improvements.
  • Dundee - Arbroath NCN1 cycle path (+ Monikie Loop).  Upgrade existing cycle path between Dundee and Arbroath.


  • Friockheim to Arbroath active travel route – next phase of study looking into connecting the communities of Friockheim, Leysmill and Letham Grange to Arbroath through an active travel route.
  • Arbroath - a footpath/cycle route from Montrose Road to Seaton Road along Bearfaulds Road.
  • Arbroath - Accessible for all Access to Beach. Provide access onto beach and down to water edge.
  • Arbroath - Warddykes PS - East Brothock Valley.  Upgrade existing uneven track (desire line) - link to Warddykes PS.
  • Arbroath - Cliffburn Park to Victoria Park.  Provide new link along desire line (75m x 1.8m).
  • Arbroath - Brothock Valley Footpath, Herald Ave to Brothock Bridge.  Upgrade whindust path to tarmac.
  • Arbroath - Hospitalfield Road to Industrial Estate.  Whindust path in poor condition upgrade to sealed surface.
  • Arbroath - Muirfield PS - Arbirlot Road West     Upgrade of existing track - link to Muirfield PS.
  • Arbroath - Inverbrothock PS - Kirkton Wood    Upgrade existing uneven track.
  • Arbroath - Hercules Den.  Upgrade existing footpath.
  • Arbroath - Geordie's Burn, Hospitalfield Road to Westway. Upgrade existing unmade path (325m).


  • Montrose to Brechin cycle route – feasibility study into a safe cycling route connecting the two towns.
  • Brechin - Skinner's Burn to Cathedral Steps - Upgrade existing pedestrian desire line.
  • Brechin - Nature trail. Upgrade existing links from housing areas to primary school and nature trail.
  • Brechin - Wards Road (3 sections) - links to old railway.  Upgrade existing links


  • Carnoustie - New shared use footway on Shanwell Road.    
  • Carnoustie - Construction of missing footway link Westhaven Road.
  • Carnoustie - Beach area.  Upgrade boardwalk and new wheelchair access to the beach.
  • Carnoustie - Chapman Drive Park.  Footpath resurfacing.
  • Carnoustie - Bruce Drive/Douglas Gardens Link. 


  • Maryton - Rosewell Road between Maryton and Ballindarg. Removal of barrier and installation of planters (or similar).
  • Forfar - Loch (south) - Whindust path in poor condition therefore footpath upgrade (2km x 3 metres wide).
  • Forfar - Loch (west) - Part whindust path in poor condition, part vehicular track.  (550m x 2-3 metres wide).


  • Kirriemuir – Turning of the joining of the path of Beechwood Place and Forfar Road join into shared allowing connection onto Rosewell Road.
  • Kirriemuir - West Herdhill Road Route. Path resurfacing and signage between  Cortachy Road and the Glen Isla Road.
  • Kirriemuir - Webster's Path at foot of brae. Construction of new ramped footway and erection of new barriers along path between Tannage Brae & Bellies Brae - link to primary school, high school and sports centre – erosion.
  • Kirriemuir - Kirrie Den - Make safe existing dirt paths to north of the bandstand (85m x 2m).
  • Kirriemuir – Roundyhill, new footpath.
  • Kirriemuir – Glenisla.  400m circular path around amenity area next to the hall.
  • Westmuir - traffic calming and crossing.
  • Forfar - Lour Road to Kings Road.  Upgrade existing footpath and address drainage issue.

Monifieth and Sidlaws

  • Muirhead and Birkhill - better provision in general for cyclists.  Extension of shared use paths.


  • Montrose to Brechin cycle route – feasibility study into a safe cycling route connecting the two towns.
  • Removal of street clutter on Basin View, Montrose – removal/repositioning of barriers and signposts to enable the safer negotiating by all path users.
  • Montrose - secure cycle shelters at train station and in town.
  • Hillside - Rosemount PS - Scott Crescent.  Upgrade of track to asphalt footpath - link to Rosemount PS.
  • Ferryden - St George's Field.  Upgrade missing footpath link.
  • Montrose – New footpath from Panter Crescent - Newhame Road

The projects above will go through the same scoring process as before using the scoring matrix to determine how each potential project will rank.  This is due to any changes (positive or negative) that may have occurred since being initially submitted. The possible projects will then be added to as and when suggestions come in from community councils and members of the public. 

What projects should we add to our list of active travel pipeline projects? If you have a new idea or projects that you’d like to put forwards to be considered, then please do so. You can choose from the schemes listed above – you may have an additional idea to what’s already covered, or you can submit a brand new suggestion to: ROADS@angus.gov.uk  by Monday 28 March 2022.

Transport Scotland’s long-term vision for active travel in Scotland 2030 is to make walking or cycling the most popular choice for shorter everyday journeys – by making it safer, easier and available to everyone. Helping to achieve many outcomes, including better health, having attractive, safe communities and increased economic activity. The grant can only be used to undertake a programme of works for local cycling, walking and safer routes projects as set out in Transport Scotland’s Active Travel Framework and can’t be used for general roads maintenance or repairs to street lighting or pedestrian crossings etc.

Projects that benefited from CWSR funding for 2021-2022 included:

  • B978 Wellbank to Kellas
  • Brechin - path Improvements at Andover Primary School
  • Kirriemuir - footpath to Kinnordy Loch
  • Brechin - Drumachlie Loa feasibility study
  • A926 Brechin Road Crossing Feasibility Study and Design
  • Montrose - coherent network of routes study
  • Arbroath - coherent network of routes study
  • Forfar - footpath improvements between St. Margarets and Lunanhead.

With unprecedented levels of funding for active travel in 2024-2025, with the overall budget being £320 million (or 10% of the transport budget) the council will continue to add to their pipeline of projects and will be in a good position to capitalise on funding opportunities when they arise.  This annual CWSR consultation is an integral part of this project. Thank you for taking the time to put forward your suggestions.