Key strengths of Burnside Primary School and nursery class recognised

Published on Wednesday 13 June 2018

The Education Scotland inspection report (12 June 2018) has acknowledged a number of key strengths at Burnside Primary School and nursery.

Inspectors met with parents, carers, pupils, the headteacher and staff during their visit in April 2018. They found a number of strengths at the school, including:

  • The headteacher’s outstanding and inspirational leadership which is driving forward school improvement. He has created a highly effective learning community at all levels. He supports all children, parents and staff extremely well and this is leading to a culture of innovation and empowerment across the school.
  • Highly motivated and articulate children who demonstrate an absolute commitment to be, and do their best. They are confident, responsible and show very high levels of empathy towards each other and respect for their school community. They demonstrate a high degree of resilience and readily seek out and take on new challenges.
  • The school’s well-considered and informed approaches to self-evaluation ensure improvement priorities are aspirational and are leading to positive outcomes for children and their families. Information gathered from highly effective consultation with staff, children, parents and the wider community is rigorously analysed. This supports the school’s continuous and ambitious improvement agenda.
  • The depute head, principal teachers and staff team who provide consistently high-quality teaching across the school. They show high levels of commitment to professional learning and fully embrace opportunities to continually improve their practice. They are a creative team who are taking forward school improvement very well.
  • The significant impact of the school’s approaches to improving children’s wellbeing in the school, resulting in a culture of mutual respect, fairness, equity and inclusion. The school’s aims are tangible and highly visible in every aspect of the life of the school. Children’s wellbeing is central to the work of the school and the school’s aims support children very well to improve outcomes in their wellbeing.
  • The strong commitment in the nursery to develop the health and wellbeing of children and their families. Caring, respectful and supportive relationships with families are securing a partnership approach. Children in the nursery are enthusiastic, confident and show respect to each other and their well-resourced learning environment.

Some areas for improvement were identified which the school has already started to address. These include:

  • Continue to develop the school’s approaches to assessment and moderation to secure further improvements in attainment and achievement for all children.
  • Continue with the school’s plans to develop a shared approach across the early level.

Head Teacher, Mr Murray said: "We are so thankful for all the staff, parents, partners and children who contribute so positively to our school community. The commitment to our vision and school aims has been recognised in this inspection process. Our whole community can be very proud of the excellent outcomes which they have helped deliver for all our families."

Welcoming the report, Children and Learning Vice-Convenor, Councillor Derek Wann said: “I am delighted to see Education Scotland inspectors recognising the positive environment in which the young people learn at Burnside Primary School and nursery. The commitment and innovative practices of the head teacher and staff along with the partnerships with parents has a positive impact on all the children's learning.”

Education Scotland said: “We are confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve and so we will make no more visits in connection with this inspection. Angus Council will inform parents/carers about the school’s progress as part of its arrangements for reporting on the quality of its schools.”