Looking to the Future – Our Plans for Housing 2018-2022

Published on Monday 26 February

Our Communities Committee recently agreed a £100 million five-year programme of investment in homes and communities in Angus.

The agreed capital programme, covering the period up until 2022, will see new homes built and current council-owned homes improved.

This improvements include, the upgrading of 2,250 heating systems (about 450 per year); the installation of efficiency measures in around 3,000 homes, including external insulation, an acceleration of the bathroom replacement programme – a commitment to install a new bathroom in every council home by 2026 – that’s about 7,000 new bathrooms. It will see the continuation of our adaptations programme, supported by funding of up to £520,000 each year. This supports people to live independent lives in their own homes.

The programme will aim to deliver around 80 new homes each year, including 20% for people with particular needs. Identified projects include the large-scale regeneration of Timmergreens in Arbroath; the redevelopment of land at Invertay House in Monifieth; and the use of surplus land at Montrose’s Coronation Way.

Plans also include the continued provision of sprinkler systems in new build homes.

Communities Convener Craig Fotheringham said: “We believe that the building of new homes will have a significant and very positive impact on the local economy and well-being. We are creating places that people can be proud to call home and we are striving to generate positive economic outcomes for our communities.”

Studies have shown that for every £1 invested in this way can generate almost treble that amount through direct and indirect economic stimulus. It is estimated that this capital programme could generate £284 million in economic benefit over the next five years, as well as creating and sustaining around 1800 jobs. Within that, there would be support for apprenticeships.

Increases in rent can assist us in protecting housing services and building new homes, as well as allowing continued investment council homes so they meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard and will meet the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing by 2020.

Our Tenants Steering Group agreed to rent increases to ensure continued investment and building of affordable homes and proposed three options, which were put out to consultation with our tenants. A majority of those who responded supported a 4% increase and this was agreed by the Communities committee at their meeting earlier this month.

This sees the average Angus Council rent increase to £66 per week and ensures that our rents continue to be in the lowest 25% of rents set by Scottish local authorities.

Tenants will receive their 2018/19 rent cards shortly. Please let us know if you haven’t received your new rent card by 5 March 2018 by contacting our ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778. Tenant’s can also see lots of information on our Housing Blog While you’re there, enter your email address for notifications of new posts by email.