No one need go hungry - two Angus food and supplies hubs open

Published on Thursday 14 May 2020

Angus Leader David Fairweather today visited one of the two new HAART food and supplies distribution centres which have been set up to support the citizens of Angus throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Cllr Fairweather said: “The stay at home message still applies in Scotland. And even when it lifts a little, those who are ‘shielding’ will still be stuck at home for a while longer. While many have their own support networks in place, others do not.

“There are still more people across Angus who are facing hardship because, for whatever reason, they can’t work at the minute and money may be running out.

“I want everyone across Angus to know that help is here. No one in Angus needs to go hungry.”

The Humanitarian Aid Angus Response Team (HAART) can provide help. If you know of someone in the community who is in need of support, whether it be the delivery of food, medicines, support with finances, or general wellbeing, please go to: or or call 03452 777 778.

Phone lines are open weekdays Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am to 5pm and Wednesday 10am to 5pm.

Cllr Lois Speed, in her role as Chair of the Angus Health and Social Care Partnership Integration Joint Board, expressed her thanks to ANGUSalive for making their premises available for operational use.

“The HAART is a team effort with Angus Council, Voluntary Action Angus (VAA) ANGUSalive and other key third sector organisations who are all playing a crucial role in providing this confidential service.

“I really want to appeal to people not to be too proud to reach out for help. These are extraordinarily difficult times and anyone can access the services on offer from the HAART.

“The team answering the phones are used to supporting people through difficulties, and the service is confidential, not means tested and non-judgmental.

“We all need a helping hand now and again, and that hand is being offered out to anyone who needs it. It’s just one phone call away.”

HAART centres

Gary Malone, Chief Executive of VAA, one of the HAART’s main partners said, “We have over 1,200 volunteers who are building up really strong relationships with the people they are supporting.

“Communities are really coming together and supporting themselves, so self-isolating does not mean that people should be alone. We are here to help.”

The multi-faceted HAART is offering a wide range of services. In addition to food, it can provide nappies and sanitary supplies. Volunteers will also get shopping, collect prescriptions, walk your dog or even just call you for a chat. It is also a gateway to other council services such as financial and welfare advice.