Off-street Parking Charges Income

Published on Thursday 9 January 2020

The reintroduction of off-street parking charges raised additional annual income of £324,219 and in years to come will continue to provide revenue that was not previously available to Angus Council.

An information report (No 02/20) to the Communities Committee on 14 January provides a summary of the first year use of off-street car parks following the reintroduction of parking charges on 1 November 2018.

The fresh income from car users living within and beyond the county’s borders will be used to protect funds spent on roads and transportation services and make our roads safer in Angus.

Money generated is less than was anticipated through what has been a challenging first year. In recognition of this the scheme has adapted and changed to meet service user requirements.

Communities Convener, Cllr Mark Salmond said: “This is a significant income stream from visitors to Angus as well as our residents. It is one that didn’t previously exist that we are pleased to be investing in our communities.

“Parking charges are operated by councils across the UK and they are here to stay in Angus. I am confident that the use of our off-street car parks will increase. These additional funds will allow us to protect investment in our roads infrastructure and make our roads and streets safer for everyone now and in the years ahead.”

The additional £324,219 income takes account of the repayment and operating costs of the parking scheme, necessary VAT payments and the staff costs for parking enforcement.

Off-street parking enforcement is one of a number of duties fulfilled by our Angus Community Wardens. These posts have existed from long-before the introduction of off-street parking charges. Figures presented in the report make allowance for the costs for carrying out off-street parking enforcement.

The information report is now available within the papers for the Communities Committee on Tuesday 14 January. It was scheduled to be shared with committee members first and is now publicly available.