Pay to Park – Angus Off-Street Parking Charges

Published on Thursday 18 October 2018

There will be a charge to park in Angus Council’s off-street car parks from Thursday 1 November 2018.

The cost will be £1 per hour up to a maximum of £4 (for four to nine hours). This will apply from Monday to Saturday between 8.30am and 5.30pm (not inc. Christmas Day and New Year’s Day). Short stay car parks will still be limited to no more than a two hour stay, with a maximum of £2.

You’ll find lots of information about Angus Pay to Park on the dedicated pages of this website.

All payments will be cashless.

This means paying for a parking space by debit/credit card, chip & pin, contactless, or by smartphone via a dedicated web page.  Payments will be secure, efficient and cost-effective. No cash will be held locally, or need to be collected. Our wardens will be able to check parking details online and will be on patrol to ensure people are parking responsibly and according to the restrictions.

Online payment systems are in the process of being finalised and tested. There will be visible guidance on how to pay on the newly installed solar-powered parking machines and new signs at our car parks from 1 November. A user guide and other useful information about Angus Pay to Park will also be provided on a dedicated page of our website from Thursday 18 October.

Charges are not being introduced for on-street parking in Angus. Rules governing on-street parking have not changed. 30-minute restricted parking will remain in areas where it is currently enforced.

Where people have been able to park on-street for free…that free parking will continue to be available.

Paying by debit/credit card -

From 1 November, you can do this at the parking machine with your debit/credit card, chip & pin or contactless. Cash is not accepted.

Debit card payments overtook cash use for the first time in the UK last year, with a decline in cash use partly driven by consumers increasingly using cards for lower-value payments, traditionally dominated by cash. This has been assisted by the rise and ease of use of contactless technology. They are available to almost anyone with a standard UK current bank account. Credit cards are usually made available to people with organised finances. Your bank can provide you with useful information about debit and credit cards.

You’ll also find useful links and information about bank accounts, savings and borrowings on our webpages or for information on a wider range of bank accounts visit the Money Advice Service website. If you are opening a bank account for the first time you’ll need proof of who you are – such as a passport or a driving licence, and proof of your address – like a rent book or Council Tax bill.  Some banks will take a letter from a responsible person, like a teacher or a social worker, or a benefits notification letter. Then you will need to fill in an application form, either in a branch office, on the internet, over the phone, or by post.

Paying by smartphone -

There are three ways you can pay by smartphone from 1 November:

Tap. Touch your enabled phone against the NFC “wireless” symbol on the parking machine to launch the web page.

Scan the QR code displayed on the parking machine with your smartphone to launch the web page. OR, by simply entering the web address into your smart phone’s web browser.

The website will also allow registration of personal and vehicle details, so you can pay for parking before you arrive at the car park. There is no obligation to register but doing so puts you in control of when you start and stop parking periods, provides parking history and billing details and helps make the process quicker.

Parking Permits –

Anyone who wants to buy a parking permit will be able to register for one via our website from Thursday 18 October. See for more information.

A 12-month permit will cost £260 and a six-month permit will be £130 – offering choice at an equivalent fee of £1 per day (based on parking five days a week/per year) and applying to any and all off-street car parks where there are charges.

Each permit will be able to be transferable between a maximum of three vehicles, but must not be used by more than one vehicle at a time.

We will look at the possibility of making parking permits available to purchase via direct debit in the future. However, this option will not be available at the outset.

Off-street parking charges will be introduced at the following Angus Council car parks (LS = long stay, SS = short stay) from Thursday 1 November:

Arbroath –                                                                   Brechin –

Shore Car Park (LS)                                                     Church Street (SS)

Ladybridge Street (LS)                                                 City Road South End (LS)

Hill Street/High Street (LS)                                           City Road West Side (LS)

Gravesend (LS)                                                            Maisondieu Lane East (SS)

Guthrie Port (LS)                                                          Maisondieu Lane West (LS)

Helen Street (LS)                                                         Market Street (SS)

Leonard Street (LS)

Millgate/North Grimsby (LS)

North Port (SS)

Stanley Street (LS)

West Abbey Street (SS)


Carnoustie –                                                                Forfar –

High Street (SS)                                                           East Greens (LS)

Links Avenue (LS)                                                        Green Street (SS)

Park Avenue (LS)                                                         Myre (LS)

                                                                                     Myre Road (LS)

                                                                                     Old Halkerton Road (LS)

                                                                                     St James Road (LS)

                                                                                     West High Street (LS)


Kirriemuir –                                                                   Montrose –

Bellies Brae (LS)                                                            Baltic Street (SS)

Glengate (LS)                                                                 Lower Hall Street (LS)

Reform Street (SS)                                                         Murray Lane (LS)

Charges are not being introduced in village car parks at Fowlis, Glamis or St Vigeans, or at Rosemount Road and Elliot car parks in Arbroath; and William Street (Ferryden), North Seafront and South Seafront car parks in Montrose.