Plea to help keep roads clear of mud

Published on Friday 1 October 2021

We are appealing to drivers of tractors, agricultural and other large vehicles to help keep the county’s roads clear of mud and, where it’s needed, to clean up after using the roadways.

As summer makes way for autumn and with the “Tattie Holidays” fast approaching, our farmers and other operators of plant and heavy vehicles are, as ever, working hard in all weathers.

Moving from field to field, or off-road to on-road can lead to trails of mud being left on the road, which can make driving hazardous for all road users.

The vast majority of our farming community in Angus take their responsibilities very seriously and will always clean up any hazards at the earliest opportunity.

But issues can still arise. It is a problem that is not unique to Angus.

And so we appeal to all heavy plant and tractor drivers to clean up and remove any mud on the road as soon as they possibly can. Not doing so is an offence under the Roads (Scotland) Act.

Putting out warning signs about mud on the road is good practice. But it does not excuse mud being left on the road for hours or days or remove liability in the event of an incident.

Please help us to keep our roads clear and safe for all road users.