Provost Ronnie Proctor voices support for the people of Ukraine

Published on Thursday 3 March 2022

In advance of today Special Meeting of Angus Council, our Provost Ronnie Proctor paid tribute to the citizens of Ukraine.

He said: "In welcoming you to today, I will first express my steadfast and impassioned support for the innocent men, women and children of Ukraine.

"I am sure we have all been appalled at what we have seen take place in Eastern Europe these last few days.

"Through no fault of their own, Ukrainians are suffering the most desperate and horrifying of times – all because of one man’s inexplicable decision to visit war upon them.

"I know we are all united in our outrage against Vladimir Putin and his henchmen, as well as the twisted ideology that prompts them to send their armies on an unprovoked invasion of a neighbouring, peaceful sovereign state.

"Having served as a soldier and spent a decade as part of the NATO peacekeeping forces, I know the very high price of war and the enormous value of peace.

"Working to keep the peace alongside comrades of numerous nationalities, I can only feel sadness and great anger that my efforts and those of countless others throughout the Cold War have been undone by Putin’s inhumanity. 

"Ukraine suffers but its people endure. Their determination, resilience and humanity shine brightly in these dark times.

"They are in our hearts and minds and, indeed, our prayers."