​​​​​​​Read between the lines

Published on Thursday 6 September 2018

Suicide Prevention Week 10 -16 September, starting with World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September, is an opportunity to acknowledge that suicide is everyone’s business and that suicide is preventable.

The continuing Choose Life campaign ‘Read between the Lines’ helps to raise awareness of suicide and encourages people to talk about it openly.  It is recognised that due to greater contact, family, friends and colleagues may be best placed to recognise signs of distress in someone and be able to help.  The campaign highlights the ambiguous nature of suicide, it encourages people to act on any warning signs they see, even if a person also displays seemingly normal behaviours and it involves raising awareness of how and where to get help.

Angus Suicide Prevention Collaborative Chair, Bill Troup, said: “The most important way to help someone experiencing thoughts of suicide is to encourage them to talk openly about their thoughts and feelings. Asking someone about suicide will not put the thoughts into their head if it wasn’t there before, but it can be a huge relief for them to be able to talk. By taking the time to listen, give a compassionate response and take what is being said seriously, you could change their life. 

“One way to give people the confidence to ask and be able to offer support is achieved via training and regular suicide prevention training course are run throughout the year in Angus. These are free to anyone that lives or works in Angus and I would encourage as many people as possible to attend one of the available courses.

"A key partnership activity is to promote the Tayside suicide awareness website  and ‘Suicide/Help!’ app which can be downloaded to mobile phones via your app store. The information on the website and app includes information about suicide, how to help someone, available services to contact and a safety plan where individuals can record what helps them in times of crisis.”

This year the Angus Suicide Prevention Collaborative have been running awareness raising activities throughout the year so have chosen to make the focus for Angus during this year’s suicide prevention week activities about training and engaging with communities in different ways taking a working together approach.

  • Wellbeing Event in Montrose on10 September at Montrose Football Club, Links Park which will include suicide prevention training and wellbeing taster sessions. This has been achieved through a joint effort via the Angus Suicide Prevention Collaborative, Montrose FC. Links Partnership Trust, and Penumbra.
  • 12 September the Suicide Prevention Development Officer for Angus will be working with Angus Voice to support Service User involvement in assisting to evaluate the Tayside suicide prevention app and website.
  • 13 and 15 September: half-day suicide prevention training for community groups in Arbroath.
  • Penumbra has a range of wellbeing events taking place during the week. For information contact Penumbra on 01241 873900.

For further information about training or to discuss any ideas you may have regarding suicide prevention in your Angus community or organisation please contact Susan Duncan, Development Officer at suicideprevention@angus.gov.uk