Recycling Centres - Summer opening hours extended

Published on Wednesday 16 May 2018

Extended summer opening hours will be introduced at our Recycling Centres from 28 May to 30 September in an effort to reduce congestion issues at times of peak demand.

From 28 May, on days that centres opened at midday (Mon-Fri), they will open at 10am. Where they previously operated later opening from 3pm on a Wednesday and Thursday, they will now open two hours earlier at 1pm.

Operations at all seven centres have been under constant review since a meeting of Angus Council agreed to no longer proceed with previously proposed closures and instead opted to introduce amended operating times for a period of 12 months. Operations have been monitored so that adjustments could be made where possible to accommodate demand.

There have been issues with queuing traffic and on-site congestion at certain recycling centres since the news hours were introduced and it has been agreed to extend current opening hours up until Sunday 30 September in an effort to alleviate these difficulties. Site assessment visits and close monitoring will continue.

See full details here for your local Recycling Centre.