Repeated vandalism at Arbroath Park

Published on Thursday 19 November 2020

Vandals have caused damage running into thousands of pounds at Arbroath’s Cliffburn Community Park.

Incidents have been reported to Police Scotland in the hope of tracing those responsible.

park vandalism

On Tuesday, our officers repaired an area of wet pour safety surfacing at the park after it was damaged late last month. It’s the impact absorbing surfacing seen at many of our parks and wet play areas which is there for the safety of our children and young people.

Less than 24-hours after the repair – which cost £2300 less labour – vandals struck again.

Angus Council Leader and Arbroath Councillor, David Fairweather said: “How anyone could stoop to this kind of destructive behaviour is beyond me. These people need to realise that a few seconds mindless vandalism has consequences, not least for the children who enjoy playing at the park and those that foot the repair bill.

“There has been significant investment in the park over recently years and yet we have seen other instances of fire raising to picnic tables and bins. It’s not on and, if it continues, we may be left with no option but to remove equipment. I would hate to see that happen at a park that was born out of investment by the local community.

“I hope that anyone who witnessed these most recent incidents contacts the police to tell them what they saw. “The latest attack happened between 4pm on Tuesday (17 Nov) and 8am yesterday (18 Nov). We shouldn’t tolerate these pathetic actions."

Arbroath Councill Brenda Durno added: “I was sad to hear that Cliffburn playpark has been damaged again less than 24 hours since it was repaired. It cost £2300 to put down the replacement surface and this money comes out of rate payers’ pockets and could have been far better spent.

“If anyone saw anything, please let the police know. These times are hard enough without making others’ lives more miserable though actions like this.”