Replacing The Gables Residential Care Home for Adults

Published on Thursday 23 February 2023

Beech Hill House will be the new home for residents of The Gables Residential Care Home for Adults.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the Angus Integration Joint Board yesterday (Wed 22 Feb 23) and follows a lengthy options appraisal process and consultation with Gables residents, their families and other stakeholders.

Staff who currently work at The Gables will join the eight Gables residents in making the short move across Forfar to Beech Hill House.

A date for the transfer will be agreed in due course.

A multi-million-pound project to replace The Gables with a modern purpose-built supported housing complex, was cancelled in February 2022 due to spiralling costs. However, it was recognised that the existing premises are outdated and no longer fit for purpose, resulting in a pressing need to find suitable alternative accommodation for residents.

In identifying the best solution, there has been a determination to accommodate all the residents together given the friendships and close ties they share. It was also hoped that 21 highly skilled members of Gables staff would be able to make the move with them.

There has been ongoing engagement with the Care Inspectorate during this process in addition to a programme of inspection and scrutiny of action plans.

Angus Council reported the content, outcome and recommendations of the options appraisal process and consultation to the Angus IJB yesterday. The report was taken in private due to commercial sensitivity.

The appraisal process looked at where care and support could best be provided and by who. Following the options appraisal process and consultation with stakeholders, the preferred option was identified as Beech Hill House being staffed by existing Gables staff.

Care home provision for older adults at Beech Hill House was decommissioned last year and services provided elsewhere against a background of people increasingly seeking care at home and a reduction in demand for care home placements.

Operating costs to provide a new home for Gables residents at Beech Hill House will be the same and the move ensures a timely solution is found for the need to accommodate residents in a premises that is fit for purpose.