Scam Alert - dodgy DVLA/DVSA emails

Published on Wednesday 27 July 2022

Angus Financial Abuse Support Team wants to alert residents in Angus to scam emails that claim to be from the DVLA or DVSA.

Mark Hodgkinson, our Adult Protection and Review Officer said:

“We’re picking up on reports of emails that look as though they are sent by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or in some cases Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

“They appear genuine and could be easy to fall for. The email states your vehicle is no longer taxed due to a debit card transaction being refused and contains a hyperlink that the sender wants you to click.

“Don’t click on it.

“Anyone who is duped by this dodgy email is very likely to be giving bank details to scammers and likely to lose money.”

If you receive unexpected emails from DVLA or DVSA, please treat them with great caution. You can check if your car is taxed by going to, but do not respond to any unexpected emails - they will almost certainly be criminals trying to con you.

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Anyone with concerns about a person they think may be at risk of financial harm in Angus can make a referral by calling the Angus Council ACCESSLine on 03472 777 778.