Scam Alert - Dodgy emails requesting cash up front for work

Published on Thursday 25 March 2021

Our Trading Standards Team is urging residents to keep an eye out for any unsolicited emails from local trades and businesses asking for money upfront or for deposits for work.

The team are investigating two recent incidents where reputable Angus-based firms had their email accounts hacked and misused by fraudsters, who then asked customers for payment.

Please do not respond, or share any personal or financial details in response to unsolicited emails, even if you do recognise the business name, or are using their services. Make a point of finding the company’s details from a separate source and call them to check out the email with them.

Fraudsters can and do con people out of their cash by posing as organisations and companies – international, national AND local.

Be on your guard and report any incident to Police Scotland.