See Hear – Funding to support people with hearing or sight loss

Published on Tuesday 27 September 2022

Do you have an idea for a small project that will support people in Angus who live with hearing or sight loss?

If you do, the Angus See Hear Steering Group wants to hear from you.

Official groups or organisations working in Angus can apply for See Hear funds of up to £3000.

Local people with hearing or sight loss have told See Hear about the things they feel can improve their quality of life. Any proposed projects should be able to show that it can meet one or more of these needs –

  • Clearer information about what to do post diagnosis – highlighting available support and how to access it.
  • Increasing public awareness about living with sensory impairment and how to improve communication with people who have hearing or sight loss.
  • Better signage in public areas (including larger lettering).
  • Sight loss/hearing loss awareness raising sessions for various staff and agencies.
  • More drop-in support services in more rural areas.
  • Information and awareness raising for families that include someone who has started to use a hearing aid.
  • Improved information sharing about existing support and services for people with hearing or sight loss, including non-digital information.
  • Increased availability of British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting for BSL users.
  • Opportunities for young people with hearing or sight loss to meet other young people with hearing or sight loss.

Groups or organisations wanting to apply must complete a simple funding application form and return it by no later than Friday 28 October 2022.

The form is available the Angus See Hear group. Email for a form or for further information.