Sign up for e-billing

Published on Tuesday 16 February 2021

You can sign up to receive your Council Tax bills electronically instead of by post.

It’s quick, easy and you can view your bill and current balance whenever you want to.

All you need to do is go to our Sign up for e-billing page for information and to sign up via MyAngus.

sign up for paperless billing

Many Angus residents are already signing up to receive their council tax bill electronically.

Paperless billing is secure and gives fast access to bills so you can see them as soon as they are available. It’s free of charge and, while you can still print your bill if required, it allows us to reduce printing and postage costs and it’s at least one less letter arriving through your door.

You’ll need your Council Tax account number, name and postcode handy when signing up to go paperless.

By signing up for Council Tax e-billing you will be able to view up to date information about –

  • Your Council Tax band
  • Your Council Tax, water and sewerage charges
  • Any exemptions, discounts or reductions you receive
  • Your outstanding balance
  • Payments made and payment due

If you already pay by direct debit, signing up for paperless billing will not affect your existing payment plan.

For more information about this service go to our Sign up for e-billing page.