Spring into action at Pitskelly Park

Published on Friday 25 March 2022

New outdoor gym equipment is in place and ready for use along the Pitskelly Park fitness trail.

It presents a great new opportunity for people in Carnoustie to get outdoors and exercise - using one or all of the open-air units sited at stations on a circular route around Pitskelly Park and woodland. And it’s free.

The outdoor fitness trail and gym, follows the development of the nearby Early Years Centre and improvements to the nearby BMX track and will benefit the wider community, with equipment intended for use by adults (and people over 1.4m tall).

The open-air gym his made up of three separate stations where individual equipment can be used, or from where people can walk, jog or run to the next exercise station along the trail. Information signs for all the equipment are in place.

Exercise area one in Pitskelly Park comprises of moving exercise units similar to those found in a conventional gym – a skier; a double leg press; a chest press/pull-down exerciser; and a cycle.

Exercise area two, near to the BMX track, hosts a calisthenics fitness station for muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

Exercise area three in the woodland has five static pieces of equipment made for push ups, dips, sit ups, vaults and stretches.

We hope it will offer new opportunities for people to improve their health and wellbeing. But please, consult your doctor beforehand if you have any concerns about undertaking physical activity, follow equipment instructions and be aware pf personal limitations.