The Future of Carnoustie Golf Links Is Not Yet Ready for Public Consultation

Published on Friday 23 December 2022

Angus Council today (Friday 23 December 2022) agreed that a proposal from Carnoustie Golf Links Management Company (CGLMC) regarding the future of golf provision included some commercially unacceptable terms and contained insufficient detail to enable the Council to go to public consultation at this time.

At a Special Council meeting, councillors heard that a proposal had been submitted by CGLMC on 14 December 2022, with supporting documentation made available on 16 December 2022, in order to meet confidential and commercially sensitive time constraints set by CGLMC. However, Council agreed with its officers and external advisors that the proposal was not sufficiently developed to enable due diligence and best value could not be assured.

It was made clear that one of the key aspects of working with CGLMC, agreed in January 2022 in Report 9/22 and exempt Report 8/22, was that the people of Angus should be consulted on the future of this important and valuable public asset and its ability to host The Open Golf Championships going forward.

Council agreed that the current proposals do not provide sufficient detail or acceptable commercial terms for the council to hold a meaningful public consultation in time to meet the timelines set by CGLMC.

However, Angus Council remains absolutely committed to finding a mutually acceptable way forward and will continue to work hard to reach its long-term goals for the successful future of the Carnoustie Golf Links.

Angus Council Leader Cllr Beth Whiteside said, “Carnoustie Golf Links is an unparalleled asset for Angus. We must and will make certain that we obtain best value and full assurance that its future is secure, and that Open Championships are a part of that future.

“We remain committed to working closely with CGLMC, but with considerable regret cannot meet the deadline they have set with this proposal in its current form.

“This is disappointing, but we must give the people of Angus their rightful place in this important decision and ensure that they have their say. At a time when we must make £52m of savings, cuts and additional costs, we must have all the information before us and will not simply give away one of our key assets.”