The River South Esk Catchment: Catchment Management Plan 2019-24 Consultation

Picture showing rottal camera at River South Esk
Published on Monday 5 November 2018

The River South Esk Catchment Partnership would like to hear your views on what in the catchment area is important to you.

Kelly Ann Dempsey, Programme Manager said: “We successfully delivered more than 90% of the actions set out in the 2010-17 catchment management plan. We have a number of priorities for the coming five years and we would love to hear from the public about their views as they will help shape our plan.

“You can find out more information on our website, on social pinpoint or by coming along to our consultation event on Saturday 10 November at the Forfar Farmers Market.”

The consultation runs until 1 December 2018.

The River South Esk catchment is the area of land drained by the river and its burns, including its lochs, groundwaters, wetlands, and the unique estuary of Montrose Basin. This water resource is of immense value to a variety of users from the local community, to businesses, and tourism providers. It is a source of drinking water, irrigation for crops, watering for livestock, a valuable habitat for wildlife, and acts as a basis for tourism, recreation and salmon fishing. The water resource of the River South Esk Catchment is thus a central asset, underpinning much of the rural economy of Angus

The members of River South Esk Catchment Partnership work together to address issues that impact on the health of the catchment and explore opportunities to promote the area both locally and nationally.

 The partnerships priorities and aspirations for the coming five years focus on the environmental, people and economic opportunities. They include:

  • Improving ecological connectivity
  • Riparian woodland expansion
  • Invasive non-native species control
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Peatland restoration
  • Natural flood management
  • Community resilience
  • Fish population monitoring
  • Community volunteering
  • Tourism
  • Economic development

Photography: ©  Kelly Ann Dempsey