UK Parliamentary Election 2019 – Find Your Polling Station

Published on Monday 25 November 2019

Poll cards for the UK Parliamentary Election on Thursday, 12 December 2019, are now being posted through the front doors of registered voters across the Angus.

For this election, there will be five new Polling venues in the county. This has been done to try to avoid disruption to schools and, in one instance, to ensure that the Christmas Panto is not affected.

The new venues are –

Strathmore Hall, Forfar (instead of the Reid Hall)

Glamis Heritage Education Centre (instead of Glamis Primary School)

The Crickety, Brechin (instead of Andover Primary School)

Cortachy Church (instead of Cortachy Primary School)

Friockheim Hub (instead of Friockheim Primary School)

Notices will be in place at the old polling stations on Polling Day (12 Dec), with maps showing the route to the new polling places to assist any voters requiring to be pointed in the direction of the right venue to cast their vote.

Poll cards have all been issued with new polling place information to everyone who is entitled to vote at a polling station at this election.

Anyone else requiring information about the upcoming UK Parliamentary Election, including where their local Polling Station is, can find details on this website.