We Will Remember Them

Published on Friday 6 November 2020

A statement by Angus Provost Ronnie Proctor

“The Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted upon our society in a way that none of us could have contemplated less than a year ago.

“No community has escaped Covid-19’s grip or the tragic consequences that the virus continues to wreak. Over the course of a few months it has dramatically altered our way of life.

“What lies ahead is not as yet certain. But take strength and inspiration from the fact that our forebears and elders endured and emerged unbowed from far greater adversities. They proved that no matter how dark the hour, brighter days will lie ahead.


“This Sunday (8 November) and on Armistice Day (Wednesday 11 November), we will again commemorate those who gave their lives during two World Wars and the subsequent conflicts up to the present day.

“Circumstances dictate that we cannot gather to remember them as we have over the years, but we can unite in our remembrance of them and I urge you to do so.

“A call has gone out across the nations to ensure that Remembrance Sunday is still marked appropriately and I am sure that the people of Angus will want to play their part.

“You can honour the fallen by joining the two minutes silence at 11am on Sunday from your doorstep as part of your community, by attending a service at a place of worship (subject to a maximum of 50 people in attendance), or by marking the occasion in your own innovative way subject to current Covid-19 restrictions.

“Please take time to remember those without whose sacrifice we would not be able to enjoy the freedoms which we take for granted today.

“Remember too, the service men and women who continue to serve our country throughout the world and closer to home, Many of them are on a different kind of front line just now through their deployment across the UK in the fight against this terrible pandemic.

“And as our battle against an invisible enemy continues, we should also remember it is a century and a little more since the Spanish Flu afflicted a quarter of the British population and claimed 228,000 lives in Britain. With the first recorded cases arising while the nation was still at war, the H1N1 virus rampaged through civilians and service personnel alike. Many of those lost lie in Commonwealth Graves throughout the County of Angus and beyond.

“As Provost of Angus but also as a veteran who served for 40 years and remains closely tied to veteran’s matters, I know how much our Armed Services appreciate the support of the public, our institutions and organisations.

“Angus Council is committed to supporting our armed servicemen and women – those that serve now and our veterans.

“I was delighted to learn that the Council has attained a Gold Award for the role it plays as an employer of choice in support of the armed services and the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme and the Armed Forces Covenant.

“We are proud of our armed service men and women past and present – as they protect and support us, we will support them and we will remember them.”