Prevent doorstep crime

Protect yourself from doorstep crime

You can help protect yourself from doorstep crime by displaying one of our Doorstoppers stickers. You can download a sticker, or pick one up from ACCESS offices, libraries and police stations.

You can also join with neighbours to establish a No Cold Calling area. For more information contact your local community police officer. Their details can be found on the Police Scotland website.

Removing your name plate will also deter cold callers. It is not necessary for the delivery of mail and provides information to an unwanted caller.

You can also following doorstep technique:

  • lock ‒ keep your door locked
  • stop ‒ if you get an unexpected caller, don't just open the door. Look out of the window to see who it is or through your door peephole if you have one. If you do not have one, consider getting one.
  • chain ‒ put on your door chain or door bar before opening the door
  • check ‒ ask for ID. Take the ID from the caller, close and lock your door and closely examine it. Do not phone the number on the ID. Find the details of the organisation from phone book or directory enquiries. Be wary where only mobile numbers or landlines beginning 07 are the only ones identified.

Anyone who is legitimate and represents a reputable company will have an ID card and will not mind it being checked.

It is recommended that you do not open your door to an unexpected caller. If you do, then use a door bar or door chain. It is your right to say you are not interested and close the door.

If you live alone or do not want a visitor that day, ask the person to make an appointment for a time that is convenient of you. You can then be ready for their visit and to arrange for a friend or relative to be with you.

If you need to buy goods or services and do not know of a reputable builder locally, you can seek personal recommendation from friends, family or neighbours.

You can also check our reputable traders scheme for local businesses who have been checked out by us and have signed up to a code of practice which ensures they operate their business in a fair and honest manner and comply with legislation.