Apply for a building warrant

The application process

There are two ways to apply for a building warrant. Either:

  1. apply online at or
  2. download an application form and submit it with the correct fee. You can view our table of fees which has been taken from section 3.14 of the Scottish Government's Procedural Handbook.
    You may also find this fee calculator helpful.

Building work must comply with the building regulations. If you want to find someone who can certify that plumbing, electrical or energy work complies with building regulations, use The Scottish Government's Building Standards Certification Register.

We record current applications on Public Access.

We assess valid applications within 20 working days.

If your application needs revisions we will contact you or your agent with details.

If your application complies with the building regulations we will approve it and issue a Construction Compliance Notification Plan (CCNP).

You must meet any requirement we set out in this plan.

If you have not applied for a building warrant before you may find the Scottish Government's Building Standards Customer Journey guide (6.14 MB PDF) useful.