Childcare hubs and weekend childcare for key workers

We have 11 childcare hubs across Angus (Ladyloan, Carlogie, Hayshead, Inverbrothock, Grange, Burnside, Lochside, Maisondieu, Langlands, Northmuir and Liff) to make sure key workers have access to childcare (if they have exhausted all other childcare options) allowing them to carry out their essential roles during COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Hub management teams are responsible for the allocation of places. Any query should be made direct to the hub using the numbers below. Let the hub staff know when you call that this is a ‘new application’.


  • remember the importance of social distancing when approaching and entering the hub
  • give your child a packed lunch and snack (unless you are entitled to a free school meal)
  • provide emergency contact, health details etc to hub staff the first time you drop your child off
  • help us to help you by contacting the hub to cancel any days that you do not require. This will free up spaces for others

We have also a range of partner nurseries and childminders to care for younger children. If you are accessing early learning and childcare from a setting that is not a school, for example. a private provider or a childminder, then please contact them directly to book your child’s place.

Thank you for all of the essential roles you are undertaking. 

  Early Learning and Childcare Primary and Secondary

Out of School Provision (until 6pm)

Arbroath Academy Area

Hayshead School  (age 3 upwards)

Louise McFarlane (Childminder - from birth)

Sharon Birkett  (Childminder -from birth)

Amy Falconer (Childminder- from birth)

Hayshead School

01241 465396

Active School’s Activities in Hayshead School 

Arbroath High Area

Ladyloan School  (age 2 upwards)

IInverbrothock School (age 3 upwards)

Louise McFarlane (Childminder - from birth)

Sharon Birkett  (Childminder -from birth)

Amy Falconer  (Childminder - from birth)

Ladyloan School 

01241 465416

Inverbrothock School

01241 465405

Active School’s Activities in Ladyloan School 


Inverbrothock Out of School Club

Inverbrothock Primary School

Tel: 07908 136252


Playspaces (from birth)
01356 624072

Smallworld (from birth)
01356 667040

Maisondieu School

01356 237138

01356 624072

Carlogie School (age 3 upwards)

Little Raes of Sunshine (Childminder - from birth)

Burnside School

01241 465371

Carlogie School

01241 465379

Carlogie Fun club

Carlogie Primary School

Tel: 07907 846 277

(not available during the Easter holiday period)


Lemon Tree (from birth)
07736 800868

Keli Tots (Childminder - from birth)

Shirley Ogg
(Childminder - from birth)

Maggie Reid
(Childminder - from birth)

Leanne Urquhart
(Childminder - from birth)

Pamela Young
(Childminder - from birth)

Langlands School 

01307 494262

Forfar Out of School Care Club

Langlands Primary School

Tel: 07712 696 005

(not available during the Easter holiday period)


Northmuir School (age 3 upwards)

Northmuir School

01575 526052

The Wee Childcare Company

Community Room, Northmuir Primary School

Tel: 07709 210488 or 07565 936232

(not available during the Easter holiday period)


Grange School (age 3 upwards)

Grange School

01382 768101

Active School’s Activities in Grange School


Little Beehive (from birth)
01674 671717

Rompers (from birth)
01674 672294

Lochside School (age 3 upwards)

Lochside School

01674 907513

Active School’s Activities in Lochside School



Busy Bees at Dundee West, Thomas Wise Place, Dundee. (from birth)
01382 641577

Liff School (age 3 upwards)

Liff School

01382 768109

Evergreen Out of School Club

Liff Primary School

Tel: 07477 826147

Funded weekend childcare for key workers

If you are:

  • a key worker
  • have exhausted all other childcare options and
  • need childcare during weekends

You can use any childminder, as long as they are registered and are willing to provide weekend services. This childcare will be funded by Angus Council. Below is a list of the childminders who have agreed to our publishing of their contact details.

Contact your chosen childminder to check availability and to discuss arrangements. 

This includes all levels of key workers, although we may need to review this depending on the demand.

It’s up to you to make sure you are happy with the childminder you approach. All the childminders included are registered and regulated by the Care Inspectorate and have grades of good (grade 4) or very good (grade 5).

Name of childminder


Email address

Gemma Robertson


Kirsty McBay - McKirday Childminding


Dawn Houston


Beata Scott


Louise McFarlane


Amy Falconer


Keli Pirie - Keli Tots


Christine Brown - Teenie Tots Childminding


Glynis Cameron 


Maz Robertson - Maz's Childcare


Mary Jane McIntosh


Kirsty Liddell - Bright Sparks


Amy Dougan


Summer holidays

Our childcare hubs will continue to operate throughout the summer holiday for the children of key workers. As each of the hubs is located within a primary school we are planning to reduce the number of hubs at times throughout the summer to allow for essential cleaning and maintenance before the start of term in August. Each of the hubs will operate differently and will be staffed differently, during this summer holiday period. Please remember that access to a hub childcare facility remains only for those key workers who have exhausted all other childcare options. We will publish more information before the end of June and will be in touch with parents who are currently accessing the hubs.