About Angus Schools for the Future

Angus Schools for the Future is the most ambitious plan we’ve ever had for the development of our school buildings.

To plan our schools for the future we need to assess if we have the right buildings in the right places to deliver the best learning environment for our young people.

We’re carrying out a pre-consultation to hear your views on the future of our schools.

You can do this by coming along to one of the engagement events.

You can also complete our online questionnaire.

Before you complete the questionnaire, you might find it helpful to view our schools information page.

These pages give Angus-wide data and also information on individual schools.

We want schools that are great places to learn and well-used community spaces. We need suitable, sustainable, connected and accessible buildings with good outdoor spaces for learning, sport and play.

But we also need to make the best use of scarce resources - we need schools that are better and more sustainable and we need fewer of them.

Right now we have too many schools and places for the number of children and young people in the county.

Some can’t access good quality digital learning and some don’t offer learning with children of similar age or stage.

In short, to give all of our children and young people the same access to opportunities, our schools have to change, and we need your help to do that.