Consultation Process Timeline: Brechin Rural Cluster Proposals (Revised)

Week commencing  
26/02/18 to 11/05/18 Formal consultation period
14/05/18 to 25/05/18 Angus Council collates responses to send to Education Scotland


Angus Council sends responses to Education Scotland
28/05/18 to 15/06/18 Education Scotland assesses submission and produces reports
18/06/18 Education Scotland issues report to Angus Council
18/06/18 to 27/07/18 Angus Council prepares consultation reports
27/07/18 Angus Council publish consultation reports
18/09/18 Angus Council Committee decision
24/09/18 Angus Council notifies Scottish Ministers of decision
18/09/18 to 08/10/18 Public representations can be made to Scottish Ministers
18/09/18 to 12/11/18 Scottish Ministers consider call-in
12/11/18 Deadline for Scottish Ministers to call-in proposal
19/11/18 If call-in, closure panel convened
19/11/18 to 14/01/19 Deliberation by closure panel
14/01/19 Decision by closure panel, unless notification received of time extension
14/01/19 to 08/03/19 Further eight week deliberation by closure panel
11/03/19 Decision by closure panel if notification received of time extension
11/03/19 to 25/03/19 Appeal against decision of closure panel within 14 days by Angus Council or relevant consultee