Schools for the future - ten reasons for change

  1. We need to give all of our children and young people the same access to opportunities.
  2. Some of our schools can’t provide the best learning environment.
  3. Some are too full and some are too empty.
  4. Overall we have too many places for the number of children and young people in the county.
  5. Some schools don’t offer opportunities to learn with children of similar age or stage.
  6. Some can’t access good quality digital learning.
  7. Some buildings aren’t environmentally sustainable.
  8. Overall our current school estate does not provide best value.
  9. We need the right spaces in the right places to deliver learning for all of our 2-18 year olds.
  10. Angus Council is taking significant steps to be a better, more sustainable and smaller organisation and that applies to our school estate just as it does to all of our services.